Residential Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying in Auckland

Platform Plumbing are a Master Plumber company which means we are authorised to work In New Zealand. Most sanitary plumbing, gasfitting or drainlaying is 'restricted' in New Zealand which means it's illegal to do it yourself because of the health and safety risks. You also risk expensive mistakes and even voiding your insurance.

When you use a plumbing company that belongs to Master Plumbers, you know that they are authorised to carry out the work they do.

All Master Plumbers members have a Certifying tradesperson on the team. These people have the highest qualification available and are responsible for making sure the company's work is done competently.

Whether you want a leaking tap fixed or a whole new bathroom, a Master Plumber can get the job done. We specialise in everything from plumbing, gasfitting and drainage. Whatever work you need done, a Master Plumber can do it right.


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